2022/2023 CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

Christian Religious Studies Scheme of work

This crs scheme of work for ss1 is a government-approved scheme which can be used in both private and public schools across the country
Christian religious study is one of the compulsory subject requirements for art students during admission into higher institutions of learning such as colleges of education, Polytechnics or Universities.
In this article, myschoolpress will base on the CRS scheme of work for ss1 from the first to the third term

First Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

1Sovereignty of God
Meaning of Sovereignty
God the creator
The creation story (1&2)
God the controller of the universe
The teacher asks students to distinguish between things created by God and roses made by man, guides discussions on the meaning of sovereignty, discuss the limitations of man in creating life, and the implications of God’s sovereignty over students’ lives.
2Leadership Joseph as a Leader Joseph’s Early life and arrival in Egypt (Gen.37:1-28) Joseph as Governor in Egypt and Reconciliationmor is Brothers (Gen 41:1-57, 45:1-15) Lesson learned under Joseph as a leaderThe teacher gives Biblical passage, guides students’ discussion on leadership, guides students to write the summarized notes.
The learners discuss some of their dreams, read the relevant biblical passages, list the personal leadership attributes of Joseph, explain what enabled Joseph to be a good leader, and compare Joseph’s leadership style with that of present-day Nigerian leaders.
3Moses As a Leader
The early life and call of Moses (Ex 1-3)
God equips and sends Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt (Ex.4:17:51-5,22-23, Ex.6:28-30,7:1-7)
Moses qualifies as a leader
The teacher gives a Biblical passage before each class, and supplies information on modern leaders to compare. 
The students read all relevant biblical passages, recount the early life of Moses describe how Moses managed the complaining brachiate, list Moses’ leadership qualities and show how he used them, and compare Moses’ leadership style with that of a leader they are familiar with.
4Joshua as a leader
The role of Joshua in the story of the twelve spies (Num.13:16-35,14:1-10,27:15.23, Josh1:1-15.6:24:1-31)
The conquest of Jericho
Qualities of Joshua as a Leader.
The teacher encouraged the students to listen to the news and give the biblical passages of how Joshua is a good leader
and supplies information on modern leaders.
The learners dramatize the fall of Jericho.
5Deborah As a leader
Deborah as a leader (judges 4:1-24)
Leadership qualities of Deborah
Ways women can contribute to national development.
The instructor raises the issues that stimulate students’ occasions, helps students to relate to the complementary issue, guides the student’s discussion, identifies Deborah’s leadership quantities, compares the leadership styles of Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and Deborah, dwan Deborah’s role is the victim over the enemy.
6Gods care for His people.
Guidance and Protection
Guardians (Ex 13:17-22,Josh.8:1-22
Protection (Ex.14:10-34)
Lessons learned from God’s care for these people
The teacher helps the student to relate this lesson to decisions they are yet to make about the future, and encourage the students to afford this truth by sharing their personal.
The learners discuss the significance of identity cards in society, discuss the reality of God’s protection today, and discuss the Bible as a means of guidance.
7Gods care for his people’s provision
The Gods provision (Ex.16:1-21,17:1-7)
The gift of manna and Quails
The lesson learned
The instructor discusses the basic needs of man and how God provides for them, outlining the conditions laid down by God for giving provisions.
8Parental Responsibilities
(Eli & Samuel)
The Irresponsible Behaviors of the sons of Eli and Samuel (1sam.2:12-25,8:1-9)
God’s pronouncement of judgment on Eli and his sons (1sam.2:27-36,3:1-18)
God’s punishments on Eli and his family (1sam 4:10-22).
The teacher encourages the students to freely express their feelings on the topic, narrate the story of Samuel’s neglect of his family in the course of busy serving God, discuss the misbehaviour of the Children of Eli and Samuel and God’s reaction, debate, whether services are God, justifies man to neglect his duties.
9Parental Responsibilities Asa& Jehoshaphat
Asa pleased God (1 King 15:9-15)
Jehoshaphat follows in his father’s footsteps (1Kg.22:41-44).
Lessons learned from the topic.
The instructor discuss the roles of the parents in the upbringing of their children, discuss the various way in which Jehoshaphat lived a Godly life
10Consequences of Obedient and Disobedient
Joseph’s Obedience to God’s law (Ex.20:14, Gen.39:7-12
David’s Obedience is the civil rule (Ex.20-13, Sam.26:1-12)
The consequences of Joseph and David are obedience. 
The teacher helps the student to relate their truthful experiences, discuss Joseph’s rejection of Adultery, discuss what they would do if they found to reset in Joseph’s shoe, and narrate the coalition of the Hebrew youth to obey God rather than the king. 
11-13Reveision and Examination

Summary Of First Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

Explain the meaning of sovereignty, dawns the sovereignty of God over the creation, explain what it means to submit to God’s sovereignty over our lives, recognize their dependence on God, and recognize the sovereignty of God in the affairs of man and nations.

Narrate the story of Joseph, identify Joseph’s major talents and how he used them for God’s work, explain what enabled Joseph to be successful as a good leader, compare Joseph’s leadership style with what is operating today, itemize the lesson learned under the topic Joseph as a leader.

Describe the events of Moses’ early life, list the leadership qualities of Moses, explain why Moses was a successful leader, and compare his leadership styles with what is operating today.

Describe how Joshua succeeded Moses, humanise the qualities of Joshua as a leader, and explain the role of Joshua in the twelve spies.

Explain why Deborah was chosen as a leader, identify her leadership Qualities, hermise ways women can contribute to national development.

Identify different ways in which God guided the Israelites, list different ways in which God protected the people of Israel, recognize God’s protective power over the Israelites, and discuss the importance of the Bible as a source of God’s guidance and protection.

List different ways in which God provided for the Israelites, explain why provisions were given and why they are stooped, and recognize the fact that God still provisions for people today.

Explain the extent to which Eli and Samuel were responsible for the shortcomings of their children, discuss God’s reaction to the conduct of Eli And his children, recognize that parents may be held accountable for their children, and identify children’s responsibilities towards their parents.

Explain the extent to which Eli and Samuel were responsible for the shortcoming of new children., discuss God’s reaction to the conduct of Eli and his children recognize that parents may be held accountable for the misbehaviour of new children, and identify children’s responsibilities towards their parents. 

Indicate the reward of Obedience to Divine law, point out some rewards reward of Obedience, and define Obedient.

Second Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

1Consequences Of Disobedience.
Saul’s Disobedience to God’s Law (isam.15:20-25, 16: 14-23, 31: 1-13.
Consequences of Saul’s Disobedience.
Lesson learned from Disobedience.
The teacher guide the student to draw their examples from the experiences of their peer group, list the act of disobedience that is common among students, and discuss situations at school where disobedience leads to unpleasant consequences, between delayed and immediate consequences in life today.
The friendship between Jesus, Martha, and Mary (l11 10:32-42), the friendship between Jesus and Lazarus (John 11:1-44), the friendship between David, Saul& Jonathan (Is am 18:19)                  
The teacher defines the term friendship, reads and explains the biblical passage, asks students questions on friendship, guides students to list examples of good and bad friends.
The students discuss the types of friendships that exist among their peer groups.
3Types of friendship (John 6:60-71)
The characteristics of good and bad friends.
The consequences of associating with bad or good friends.
The teacher read and explain the Biblical passages of John 6:60-71, and guide the student to list the characteristics of bad and good friends.
The learners list the characteristics of good and bad friends, and discuss the types of characteristics of friends in peer groups.
4Submission To The Will Of God
Trust In God
David submits to the will of God (1 sam.26:1-25,2sam.12:15-25
David Repentance and Forgiveness (2 sam3:1-39,11,12:1-15)
David’s sin of Adultery.
The instructor guides the student to debate whether David should have killed Saul or not, and asks students to explain how submission to the will of God may in thence or change daily lives.
The students discuss the outcome of repentance and forgiveness.
5Submission To The Will Of God cont.
David’s sin of adultery prophet Nathans’s parable.
David’s Reaction to the death of the child born to him by Bathsheba.
Jonah’s submission to the will of God.
The teacher leads the student to recount the story of Jonah, and discuss the consequence of disobedience.
6The Wisdom Of Solomon
Solomon’s Request for wisdom (1 Kg.3:3-15)
How Solomon Applied His Wisdom (1Kg.3:16-23,4: 29-34.
Building of the Temple and its dedication. (1kg. 5:1-12,8:1-53)
The learners define the concepts of wisdom and decision-making, lead the student to read the Biblical texts, guide the students to suggest different ways of taking the right decisions, ask students about another source of wisdom, and ask how one can get wisdom from God and other sources.
7Unwise Decisions Of Solomon And Rehoboam
Solomon’s Unwise (1Kg .9:15-23, 11:1-13).
Rehoboam’s unwise decision and its consequence (Kg.12:1.20)
The instructor explains the unwise decision of Solomon and Rehoboam from the Bible, mention some of the consequences of wrong decisions, and explain the importance of going for counselling before taking major decisions.
8Greed And Its Effect
Ahab and Narberth Vineyard (1kg.21:1-29)
The effect of Ahab’s greed(1kg.21:17-29)
Ghazi Greed and 7b consequence (2Kg.5:1-27)
The learners guide the students to discuss the meaning of greed, and leads discussions on greed and how it has led to major corruption in Nig.
The learners discuss the stories of Ahab and Ghazi, and discuss the possible ways of curbing greed.
9The Supremacy Of God
The stories of Elijah and Obadiah (1kg. 16:29-34, 17, 1-7, 16:1-9, 19:1-18)
Elijah at mount Carmel (1kg. 18: 17-46)
10Religion Reforms
Prevalent Revision evils at the time of Josiah (II Kg.22)
Josiah reformed in Judah and the north. Kg.23:4-14, 21-30, 23:15-20).
Areas of religious reforms in Nig.
The instructor heads the discussions on the religious evils during the time of Josiah, guide students to identify from the passage areas of Josiah’s reform in Judah and Samaria, and lead the student on areas rat to need a reformation in the church and society as a whole, encourage the student to carry out a self-examination of their religions and Jonah’s life. 
The learners signify the various phases of  Josiah’s reforms, and examine themselves if their religions and social lives tally with the word of God. 

Summary Of Second Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

Define Disobedience, recognize that sinful disobedience always brings sorrow, and discuss how the consequence of disobedience may or may not be immediate.

Enumerate types of friendship, identify the characteristics of good friendship, state the characteristics of bad friendship, and analyze the outcome of associating with good or bad friends.

The student should be able to:
Recount the story of Darien’s submission to the will of God, recognize the effect of the fear of God on David, and state David’s sin of Adultery.

Relate the message of David’s submission to their own lives, state the reaction of David to the death of the child, and recount the story of Jonah’s submission.

Identify the source of Solomon’s wisdom, explain how Solomon used his wisdom, and identify ways by which Solomon built the temple and its dedication.

Identify Solomon’s unwise decisions, describe the circumstances that led to Rihoboan’s decisions, and discuss the consequences of unwise decisions.

Explain the meaning of greed, recognize greed as a vice that injures k the individual and society, and recount the stories of Ahab and Ghazi’s greedy actions.

Discuss the religious situation in Israel at the time of Elijah and Obadiah, describe the courage of Elijah and Obadiah, recognize the manifestation of God’s power on mount crenel

Discuss the religious evils at the time of Josiah, describe King Josiah’s reforms, discuss the various phases of Josiah’s reforms, point out similarities between the religious situations in Josiah’s days, and point out the possible areas of religious reforms in Nigeria today and their lives.

Third Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

1Concern For One’s Nation
The captivity and destruction of Jerusalem (2 kg 24:25:1-17)
Nehemiah’s response to the state of the nation and the reconstruction of the wall of Jerusalem (Neh.1:1-11, 2:9-20, 4:1-25, Ezra 1:11, 4:5:1-2, 6:13-22, 7:1-10).
Our responsibility to our Nation (Nigeria).
The teacher guides the students to read the Bible, explains the roles played by Nehemiah, Ezra, and Zerubbabel, points out the opposition faced by the three men as patriots, gives reasons why the patriots did not give up their trust in God, asks students to identify areas in our national life that needs reformation and ask questions that will the students to be more patriotic.
2Faith In God
The command to worship the king’s image. (Dan 3:1-7)
Refusal, Punishment, and God Dehrerance
Effect of their faith, and courage on the people.
The instructor guides the students to read the Bible text, explain areas of difficulty, leads the students to appreciate the faith and courage of the three men, lead a discussion to go to deliverance for those who trust in him.
3Faith In God (Faith and Power Of God.)
A law to worship the king and Daniel expresses his faith in God (Dan 6:1-15).
Daniel in him, Dan and the manifestation of God’s power (Dan6:11-24).
Effect of Daniel’s faith and Qualities of Daniel’s (Dan.1:3-8, 6:3-5,10, 16:6 22-23).
The teacher guides the students to read the passages, lead the students to identify the circumstances surrounding Daniel’s expression of absolute faith in God, and ask the student to identify from the passages qualities of Daniel worthy of emulation
The student’s identities in Daniel’s story are a demonstration of God’s power
4True Religion And Social Justice.
True Religion (AMOS 5:21-23-25,4,4,5
social vi of the time of Amos and still rampant today(Amos 2:6-8, 4:1-1:7-13)
Opposition Against Amos by Amelia and God’s Divine Judgment of evil-doers (Amos 7:10-17, 4:2-3, 6-10, 5;14-20, 6,7:16, 16-17, 8:9-10).
The teacher heads the students to discuss what true religion is or is not, guides them to read the Bible passage, list social evils in the time of Amos, leads discussions on opposition godly men, social critics face daily and need to remain steadfast, lead the students on the punishment availing evil does here on earth and in heaven.
The Students write notes on a list of social evils at the time of Amos and in Nigeria today, identify the similarities in the list of social evils, and discuss what would be God’s punishment for evildoers.
5Divine Love
hostel marriage to comer a harlot (hostel)
God’s love for bread and their unfaithfulness (hostel 2;5;6;1;11)
God promises for those who return to him in repentance (hostel 1-4) 
The teacher narrates the hotel’s marital experience, explain the symbolic nature of Hosea’s marriage and the significance of the names of his children, leads the dens on the companion of gomers a faithfulness and Israel, guides students to identify stead for love and knowledge of god, leads students to respond positively to god love before it is too late.
The learners compare the unfaithfulness of the comer to her having a band with all of the brand, and discuss the news for individuals to respond positively to God’s love before it’s too late.
6The Baptism Of Jesus Christ
Meaning and purpose of Baptism
The synoptic account of the baptism of Jesus Christ (mt3:13-7,mk1:9-11, LK3:21-22)
The significance of the baptism of Jesus Christ.
The teacher guides students to clarify the meaning and purpose of baptism as meant for the sinner who repented, discusses that the purpose of Jesus’ baptism differed because he had no sin, dist the purpose of Jesus’ baptism, guides the student as they compared the synoptic account of Jesus’ Baptism.
Students should define the term baptism and its purpose among Christians and participate actively in the discussion on lessons learned from Jesus submitting himself for baptism.
7The Temptation Of Jesus Christ.
Meaning and significance of Jesus’ temptation.
the synoptic account of the temptation of Jesus Christ (matt:1-14:1-11 Matt 1:12-13, Lk4:1-13).
Temptation in the world today and ways of recurring sin.
The instructor guided the students to read the account of Jesus’ temptation in history, ask K to compare the three accounts and point out the similarities and differences, ask the students to limit temptation in the world today, especially the one faced by the youth and guides ram to find out how Jesus Overcome by using the word of God.  
8Call To Discipleship.
call of disciples and their responded(matt 4:18:25 ,9:9-13,10:1-4 ,mark 1:16-20,mrk 2:13-17 lk 5:1-11)
The importance of the call of the disciple to know ministry (mrk28:19-20,mrk 16 15 -19,lk5:10)
The factors militating against discipleship (mrk8:18-22,lk9:52-63 14:33)
The teacher guides the student to read reference passages, lead them to discuss the response of the differences between the disciples Jesus called, asks them to say what they would be their attitude and respond if Jesus calls them today, and guides them to discover from the referenced passage and their personal Experience: factors
Students read the bible passages to uncover the reason why Jesus called the disciples, identity what their reaction would be if Jesus called them today, and mention factors that militate against discipleship.
9Mission Of The Apostles
the mission of the twelve
(matt 10:1:15,matt 6 :7-13,lk 9:1-16.
The mission of the seventy (Lk10:1-24).
Achievement of the twelve and seventy disciples.
The instructor guides student through the bible passage and note instructions given in the mission of the twelve by the synoptic, ask them to find out the reasons for the difference in instructions among the three synoptic, explain the reasons for the differences in the instruction given by each synoptic, leads a session on the achievement of the two missions respectively and the significance of each mission.
The learners discuss the references in the instruction given in the mission of the twelve.
Participate in the discussion on the achievement of each mission

Summary Of Third Term CRS Scheme Of Work For SS1

Describe the event that led to the collapse of the Hebrew Nation, analyze the condition of the people that were left in Jerusalem all in the Deportation, state the concern of Nehemiah, Ezra, and Zerubbabel for their nation and their response to the state of the nation despite opposition, relate the lesson to our improbability towards our nation.

Narrate the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, discuss how the men demonstrated their faith in God and miraculous deliverance, discuss the effect of their faith on the baby hernias and Jesus, recognize that laws can be made by cellist leaders for personal reasons.  

Narrate the story of Daniels’s deliverance, identify the qualities of Daniel worthy of emulation, discuss the effect of our faith on others, point out what leavers need to examine critically advice by their cabinet men hers.

Explain what true religion is, recount the social vices at the time of Amos and in Nig. Today, point out that Christina leaders need the courage to break up against the areas in the society especially as it affects the government, recognise that there is punishment for evil-doers, point out that at times, those who speak the truth are in danger of losing their lives, and properties. t.c

Narrate the story of Hostel marital experience, compare comer hostel with unfaithfulness with that of Israel to God, recognize god stead far love for bread and all human beings despite our unfaithfulness, discus the need is responded positively to god love through penitence

Compare the different accounts of the temptation of Jesus contained in the synoptic gospels, explain the significance of each of the temptations of Jesus, lot of temptations young people face in the world today, describe how Jesus Overcome the temptation, recognize that no one is above temptation

Explain the importance of the call of disciples to the ministry of Jesus, point out the response of the difference in discipleship, ist forms that militate against discipleship

Explain the differences in the synoptic account of the mission of the twelve, find out the difference in the instructions given to the twelve and seventy, identify the achievement of each mission and the significance, deduce reasons for the difference in the synoptic account.

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