Is Teaching A Profession In Nigeria?

Is Teaching A Profession In Nigeria

The term ‘Profession’ refers to employment that needs specialized study and training, with the goal of providing skilled services and guidance in exchange for a specific price or remuneration. A profession is a calling that entails the acquisition of information, a variety of talents, and their application in the service of humanity.

People have defined professionalism differently, and no consensus has been achieved on what a profession is. This is due to the fact that professionalism is a highly debated term that has been characterized by numerous people from many orientations and disciplines.

Despite the ubiquitous usage of professionalism in everyday language by individuals who would be considered professionals, and despite the best efforts of sociologists, philosophers, and historians, it defies consensus. This is because the term might be interpreted in a generic, symbolic, ideological, specialist, or pragmatic sense. The disparities originate from the fact that vocations differ in terms of how professional they are and how well they satisfy professional criteria. Furthermore, the definition of a profession is frequently decided by evaluating the occupation on specific qualities.

A profession is a sign of a preferred view of one’s work and, by extension, of oneself (the worker). This service may be provided to a subset of the population or for a short length of time or phase.

This service is not provided to the entire student population that receives graduation or post-graduate, but rather to those who demonstrate aptitude for the field. When his or her clients are in an institution within the institutional framework, each profession delivers professional service for a limited time. A profession might be practiced alone, inside an institution, or both.

Common Profession Characteristics

  • It necessitates the acquisition of specific knowledge as well as extensive practical training.
  • It provides an important social service.
  • It requires its members to receive continual in-service training.
  • It has a clearly defined membership of a certain group with the goal of protecting the profession’s interests.
  • It entails an ethical code.
  • It establishes its own professional association.
  • It provides its members with a professional career.
  • It is honest and loyal.
  • It has work transparency.
  • It produces immediate results

Teaching As A Profession In Nigeria

Teaching is a very professional occupation in Nigeria in which an individual is held accountable through a series of examinations, assessments, and tools to assess students’ progress and learning. Teachers use their abilities to teach a wide range of disciplines to pupils in the classroom, including math, physics, history, and social studies, as well as music, art, and life skills. The list of disciplines entrusted to educators’ hands and creative brains might go on and on.

Teaching in Nigeria is a collaboration between schools, the community, and parents to help children achieve academically. Every time a teacher interacts with a student, they have the chance to offer pupils building blocks to take with them to other topics and plateaus. Teaching is both a rewarding and hard profession. Teachers must think outside the box, and frequently beyond their own understanding, to assist pupils in overcoming academic, social, and emotional obstacles.

It is extremely rewarding when individuals have worked tirelessly and successfully in reaching pupils and allowing them to attain their full potential. It can be difficult to know that we are planting seeds in the young we influence and not seeing cultivated change, but knowing that the changes will come in the near future.

Teachers are an invaluable resource to communities worldwide, nationally, and locally. They play an important role in ensuring that a group of pupils receives the finest possible education possible. Individuals who pursue a career as a teacher study a range of techniques in their schooling.

Aspiring teachers have a set of classes that will assist form their knowledge base and prepare them to be exceptional instructors. Educators are continually learning and improving as a result of their education, training, internships, student teaching, and opportunities to hone their abilities. This, I feel, is why education is such a satisfying and ever-expanding job option.

Individuals with having flair for working with children and employing their skills to help others can find the perfect fit for their skills and talents in the field of education. As the number of youngsters in need of quality education continues to grow, the supply of teachers will always be in high demand, making teaching a good career option for anyone seeking a position with a lot of stability and a chance for exploration.

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