Factors Responsible For Teachers Poor Image (Low Status) In The Society

Factors Responsible For Teachers Poor Image

Before I will discuss those factors responsible for a teachers poor image, we need to know who is a qualified teacher and their responsibility

Teachers are regarded as the foundation of Nigeria’s educational system. Teachers’ professional and personal growth have a direct impact on student accomplishment. Teachers in government schools are very old, although academic courses change every year. There is no sufficient training to update the knowledge of the teachers, who continue to have minimal qualifications and educate the students in the traditional manner.

Teaching is a demanding and diversified career that frequently demands teachers to balance multiple tasks and goals while remaining flexible.

Instructors are well-known for their abilities to explain, deduce, and question. This article covers a variety of issues, including motivating pupils, taking attendance, tracking their progress, and learning about their backgrounds. Teaching is a career for me; if you’re still not convinced, read this essay all the way to the end.

Teaching is a job in which students are exposed to ideas and practices over time. During this time, the trainee develops the necessary work ethic to practice as a teacher.

The majority of teachers are unaware of the new concepts included in the revised curriculum. Teachers dominated classrooms, but they would read a chapter from a textbook while students simply listened.

Teachers who are not appropriately qualified to oversee the process of teaching and learning in schools are appointed, resulting in poor student success and parental dissatisfaction with the performance of government schools.

This is especially concerning because poor training and ineffective teaching reduce demand for education, hence diminishing the pool of experienced instructors. This offers a picture of how students and the general public perceive teachers.

Teaching demands the use of a wide range of knowledge about the subject being taught. Teachers at all levels of the school play an important part in a country’s overall growth. As a result, teacher education has become an essential component of the educational system.

Factors Contributing to Teachers Poor Image (Low Status) in Society

A number of factors contribute to teachers’ low status. One can wonder if the majority of our teachers are professionals or if they teach as a secondary source of income. Teachers were respected in the beginning because they were diligent and moral. Teachers were the encyclopedias of the culture in which they worked. They kept thorough records of all events and incidents that occurred during their reign, and they were strict disciplinarians.

The following causes contribute to teachers poor image:

  • Many teachers lack self-esteem and regard for the dignity of their work.
  • Teachers’ efforts do not have immediate results
  • Teachers are not recognized in Nigeria, unlike other professions such as medicine and law.
  • A few of the teachers are certified.
  • Some teachers have a bad reputation.
  •  Many people use teaching as a stepping stone to other jobs.
  • The quality of professional training and depth of professional preparation is unmatched by those of other professions such as medicine, law, engineering, and so on.
  • Students’ dismal academic performance is on the rise at all levels, despite teachers’ efforts.

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